Before the Major League Baseball season starts, you will make the following picks for the season:

  • Division winners, 2nd place and last place for all three divisions in both the American League and National League. (18 picks)
  • Wild Card winners (2) from the AL and NL. (4 picks)
  • Team with the most wins in each league. (2 picks)
  • Team with the most losses in each league (2 picks)
  • Individual hitting leaders in batting average, RBIs, and home runs for both the AL and NL. (6 picks)
  • Individual pitching leaders in wins and ERA in both the AL and NL. (4 picks)
  • Tiebreaker: How many wins will the Minnesota Twins finish with? (1 pick)

Changing your picks

Before the season starts, you can change your picks as many times as you want without any penalty.

During the All-Star break starting Sunday night at 7pm EST until Thursday at 7pm EST following the All-Star game, you can change up to 14 picks, except the tiebreaker pick. These picks will be worth half of the original points. Unique points are still worth double.

You can only change your picks once during the All-Star break.

Individual Leaders

These are staggered to improve the odds of earning points. For example, you earn 30 points for the player with the most home runs. If he is second in home runs, you earn 20 points. If he is third, you get 10 points. You will choose an individual leader in each category for both leagues (AL and NL).

For batting average and ERA, MLBPool2 uses the same rules as MLB. A MLB player only qualifies for the batting average title when he averages 3.1 plate appearances per team game. A pitcher must average throwing at least one inning per game scheduled for his team during the season (currently 162 innings per 162 games) to qualify for the ERA title..

Double Points Bonus

If two or less players make the same pick, you will be eligible for double points in that category. For instance, if you are one of two players to pick Joe Mauer for home runs, and he somehow ends up in the mix, you would earn 60 points instead of 30 (if he ends in 1st place), 40 instead of 20 (2nd place), or 20 instead of 10 (3rd place) if no one else has chosen him. This applies to all individual picks and you can earn points (and double points if you are the only one to pick that player) if the player you choose finishes in first, second or third. Team picks, such as the division winners, best record, or wildcard picks are not eligible for the double points bonus.

If you and another MLBPool2 player have the same pick at the beginning of the season and one of you changes that pick at the All-Star break, the original pick does not qualify for the double points bonus.

You can view your picks from your account page and there is a column that shows if your pick is unique. This is updated after the season starts and after the All-Star break ends. Your unique picks could change at the All-Star break if someone selects a team or player that you originally had as unique during the first half of the season.

Points Breakdown:

Division picks

For each division in the two leagues (American and National), pick which teams will come in first, second and last place. If you pick the Boston Red Sox to come in first, and they finish first, you earn 50 points. You can pick the same team multiple times. You could pick the Red Sox to finish first and second to hedge your bet. Three divisions of three picks each:

Pick 1st Place 2nd Place Last Place
AL East 50 30 20
AL Central 50 30 20
AL West 50 30 20
NL East 50 30 20
NL Central 50 30 20
NL West 50 30 20

Wildcard Picks

Pick two teams from each league that will make the playoff as a Wildcard.

Wildcard Points
AL Wildcard #1 10
AL Wildcard #2 10
NL Wildcard #1 10
NL Wildcard #2 10

Individual Picks

Pick one player in each category that you believe will lead the league in a given category. You will earn points if that player finishes first, second or third in his conference. If he doesn't, you earn zero points. Ties use standard competition ranking.

Individual Category - AL First Place Second Place Third Place
Batting Average 30 20 10
Home Runs 30 20 10
Runs Batted In 30 20 10
Wins (Pitcher) 30 20 10
Earned Run Average 30 20 10
Individual Category - NL First Place Second Place Third Place
Batting Average 30 20 10
Home Runs 30 20 10
Runs Batted In 30 20 10
Wins (Pitcher) 30 20 10
Earned Run Average 30 20 10


Team with most wins Points
AL 20
NL 20
Team with most losses Points
AL 20
NL 20
How many wins will the Minnesota Twins finish with?

Fees and Payouts

The entry fee is $100. Payouts will be determined by the number of players and 100% of the fees (minus a small amount to cover web hosting) are paid to the league players.